Catalyst IT Solutions was founded by Mr. Faisal Zahid. With the need to fulfill the gap for small to medium scale enterprises. We provide the IT leaders on a flexible basis without committing to employ the full-time IT- specialist.

We choose our associates from different geographical locations and backgrounds to meet the client’s needs and requirements.

Our associates are responsible to deliver high-quality It strategies through senior IT leadership consultancy.

Why should you hire us?

Hiring an IT solutions company that specializes in IT audits, and has IT leaders are highly recommended. In addition, if you want to build an online presence and be competitive in the market.

Few Advantages of Considering Us

Knowledge and Experience

Our IT leaders who have vast knowledge and experience in the IT field will share their expertise with your teams. Learning from past experience and implementing the improved, new techniques on new projects, systems, or software that’s how our associates cut out the learning curve.

Recruitment Process

Becoming an IT solutions Associate is not easy. Our recruitment system is quite extensive. We hire the only quality people who match our required standards.


We are very professional. We take our clients and their projects seriously. However, our associates try to work with clients from as little as 2 days per month to 3 days per week. Whether it’s single/long-term projects. We work on completing clients’ requirements without disturbing them too much.

Where you locate, doesn’t matter

Yes, your location doesn’t matter to us. Most importantly, our Catalyst IT Solutions Associates are all over the country. They can cater to your business easily.