Privacy Policy


Usage data

This data gets collected automatically and stored by Google. (It tells about the duration a user stays on the page).

Personal Information

A user provides us with the information by filling up the form given on the website.


Cookies are typically used to deliver the user’s a better experience. These obtain small files already stores on your mobile or laptop.


An individual who is using our service by agreeing to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of our website.

Collection & Use of Data Information

Catalyst IT Solutions collects the visitor’s data and stores their information to provide a good experience to them.

What data do we collect?

We collect the personal information that includes, but are not limited to:

  • Your First & Last Name
  • Email Id
  • Contact Number
  • Country

Cookies and Usage of Data

We may use your data to contact you for promotional or marketing purposes.

  • To notify you about our latest IT solution products and services.
  • To share with you about the Privacy Policy updates.
  • And to manage the rest of the communications through your data.

Whereas, you may opt to unsubscribe the any of the links.

We may use the usage data that collect and store valuable information. Whenever you navigate our website through any device. The browser will send your data to us that includes IP address, Browser, Internet, and device (either it’s mobile, tablet, laptop, or computer.) and also identifies the Unique device.

The browser tells which page you visited. At what date and time do you spend on those specific pages of our services/website.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are the small files that store on your devices. You allow the cookies and then it stores in your devices automatically. We use cookies to track activities & use certain information for a better experience.

However, It’s your right to accept or reject the cookies. If you reject the cookies then you might be unable to use a few portions of our services.

There are different types of cookies we use:

Security Cookies

We use security cookies for security purposes.

Session Cookies

These types of cookies we use to keep our services operated.

Advertising Cookies

Few cookies are used for advertising purposes. Based on that it shows you the relevant ads.

How do we use this data?

Catalyst IT solutions utilize the data for various purposes.

  • To provide customer support.
  • Improvise our service.
  • Provide you with a pleasant and better experience.
  • Monitor the usage of our service.
  • Inform you about our services changes.

Data Retention

Usually, the keeping of data is for a shorter period. But if we are obligated to preserve the data. We may keep it for a longer period.

Catalyst IT Solution performs Data Holding to settle the dispute and enforce our legal policies and agreements.

Data Transfer

With the user’s consent, The information, they chose to share with us. It may be transferred to the area to maintain the data in computers locally.

Catalyst IT Solution never distributes your data with a third party. We ensure that users’ data are our first and main priority. We respect our users so do we respect their data.

However, We may provide your information in these cases:

  • If any of our subsidiaries requires it.
  • If we have to fulfill any business needs.
  • To defend the rights of customers and for the sake of the safety/property of the Company.

Data Security

User’s Data security is something critically significant to us. We seek our best to support the personal data of our users.

Data Protection Under GDPR

If you remain a citizen of the EU, Then you have data protection rights.

If you want to be informed that what personal data we retain and should be eliminated from our system. Please email us at [email protected]

In a few conditions, you have the following rights.

  1. Right of access modifies or deletes the information we have.
  2. You claim the right to rectification. If you require us that your information should get rectified.
  3. You typically got the right to withdraw your consent for personal data information.

Kindly note that you will be unable to proceed with the few services of us without confirming your identity with us.

In case of complaint about your personal data and our use of the collection. You can contact your local data protection authority in European Economic Area.

Google Analytics

Catalyst IT Solution may use google analytic and other tools to monitor or analyze the data.

Behavioural Marketing

Once you navigate our website. You might be capable to see our ads on a third-party website.

Children’s Privacy

Catalyst IT Solution doesn’t collect personal data from children under 18.

If you think your child has provided us with the personal information. Please contact us either on the website or through email.

We will check the personal information and remove it from our servers as soon as possible.

Modification To Privacy Policy

Any modification made regarding the Privacy Policy. It will be informed to you via email or through a notice on our website.

Modification of Privacy Policy will be effective on the same day it is posted on the website.

You can review the changes to Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

For any information or queries contact us by email: [email protected]