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We are a team of senior level IT leaders who work on an on-demand basis providing impartial audits, consultancy and outsourced IT leadership services.

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At Catalyst IT Solutions we are always in search of experienced, passionate IT leaders who not only want to join our team but also have a mindset of helping others through their skills and experience. If you are an ambitious, talented leader who wants to work with us with versatile clients on a portfolio basis as a C-Level IT leader. Don’t wait too much. 

Become an associate by applying through the form given on the left side. Our Associate Liaison Officer will contact you if your application matches our interest. 

To apply for this job you must be either working in any organization or have experience of 8-10 years as a senior in IT industry-relevant job titles include CTO, CIO, and IT director. You also must have a proven success record in your IT role.

For further details, you can view our Associates’ previous work experience examples here.

What do we offer you?

Well, we offer flexible working with a diverse range of clients from global blue chips to high growth enterprises. Explore our websites to learn more about our IT Audit, Consultancy, and Outsource leadership services.