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Improve your company’s IT strategy and identify opportunities for development and budget savings with a strategic overview of your current IT estate.

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What’s Included in an IT Audit?

Typical Time Frame: 2 – 14 days (depending upon business size and objectives)

Work Conducted: We work on-site or remotely, depending on your preference.

Our IT audits are designed ton provide you with the insight and recommendations required to improve your company’s IT strategy and meet your objective. Wecan also work with you to indentify any other objectives or specific areas you would like to be evaluated.

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Global Logistic Provider

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This logistics provider is one of the world’s most recognisable brands and works on a global scale. We were asked to take over the IT leadership of the company’s struggling transformation programmer, review the existing plans and establish a viable way forward.


On completion, the business unit exceeded its double-digit CAGR objectives, improved its customer retention, reduced cost to serve, and met its customer satisfaction targets. The transformation programmer was subsequently awarded a CEO Supply Chain Excellence Award, and the Associate was personally recognised by the global CIO

Governance Review

We review how robust and secure your technology and processes are. Is your framework efficient and secure?

Strategic Review

Do you have the right IT Strategy in place to allow you to achieve your businesses goals and objectives? We’ll tell you.

Technology Review

A full review of your businesses technology. Assessing the robustness, functionality and availability of your businesses technology.

Supplier Reviews

We’ve worked with thousands of IT suppliers and are highly experienced in the marketplace and current trends.

Talent Assessment

A review of your current IT Team function. Observing how well your team is resourced, highlighting any skill gaps and reviewing internal competence.

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Get C-level experience and expertise to lead your IT strategy and accelerate your 

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(Our consultations are FREE)

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