Client Challenge:

After performing for 3 years, our sales executive has decided to resign her job as her manager catalog the performance issues. A few months later, the same employee contacted the company to refill the other position.

The Catalyst IT was against rehiring this employee as she left the practice and was not performing well. But the manager was under pressure to re-fill this spot as soon as possible. He instantly felt that rehiring this employee could undoubtedly save ample time and cost of the training process. Therefore, he rehired her again.

After being absent for 6 months, the manager didn’t deem it necessary to typically provide the signed job description to her. The employee was given a 90-day probationary period, an “at-will employment clause, and a title.”

After a few days of being rehired, the manager noticed she again started coming late to the office and is less motivated towards their work. The HR manager thought to contact Catalyst IT about whether they should end their employment before the 90-day probation period.

Whereas the same time, the employee promptly filed a claim that she suffered a medical problem that was naturally affecting her job performance. Moreover, the company is liable to accommodate the claimed medical problem. As a result, terminating her was not a viable option. Now firing the problematic employee was a goal. which needs to be typically attained at an avoidable cost by proving that performance problems were not caused by medical conditions and we are not liable for the accommodation employee was requesting.

What solution suggested by Catalyst IT

We suggested to our potential client not to re-hire the past problematic employee again. We also advised our client to not having the proper terms and conditions of employment documents and proper guidelines to job descriptions could cause problems in the future. Moreover, we have carefully developed complete job descriptions for different positions. In addition,  we have described the policies & procedures, performance metrics, and consequences of unmet metrics.

Where we typically created value :

  • We gently advised our client about the issues of staffing with returning employees.
  • Developed and revised the terms and conditions of employment documents.
  • Provided a clear structure about each official job description along with performance metrics and their possible consequences.