Why are employees the biggest security threat?

We all recognize employees are the assets of the company. Without employees’ everyday efforts, our business can’t survive alone. Employers entrust the staff with access to sensitive information, including credit cards, banking information, customer contact information, business information, or critical data.

Many honest, loyal, dedicated employees come and go during their tenure, but there is always a bad fish who violates the trust and tries to expose your business. I am sure, you must have heard about the horror stories, where a bad employee tries to steal a company’s information and hand it over to either a competitor company or threatened the employer.

These days the climate is fast-paced, employees have to experience more pressure whether they are doing work on-site or remote. So, especially in short-staffed departments making accidental mistakes are common to meet significant deadlines.

Cybercrime and identity theft are increasing day by day. So, we have to make employees understand how their foolish mistakes or careless action can cause massive damage to the entire organization. For instance

  • Leaving their office notepad open in the office.
  • Forgetting the mobile phones, laptops, etc.
  • Plugging the USB or hardware that might infect the PCs
  • Forwarding the non-encrypted financial information via email.
  • Sharing files through private wifi networks or to your email.
  • Throw out the business documents without shredding them properly.

The above-given mistakes could be shut down or controlled by properly following the security measures promptly before any significant harm or damage is done. However, cybercrime or hackers come up with a more innovative way to hack the information or gain the access to your system by taking the advantage of human error or from outside. This thing is called phishing. Often businesses don’t even get to know about this that their accounts got hacked and they realized it later.

What steps should be taken?

To avoid these common mistakes or your system getting hacked. You need to consider these few steps mentioned below.

  • From a technical perspective, to protect your business systems from outsider attacks. You have to follow a proactive approach.
  • Monitor the systems or accounts on daily basis and check if there is any fishy or suspicious activity happening in your network or not.
  • Conduct two-factor authentication, complex passwords, implement content filtration, and email encryption.
  • Discipline your employees and other end users on how they keep their systems protected from cyber threats. The company must offer training on cyber-security.
  • Ultimately, As cybercrime keeps coming up with innovative or creative strategies to hack our systems. We are equally responsible to keep our business updated and adopt strategies to stay one step ahead.
  • It’s not only about securing devices but also enforcing proper behavior through education.
  • Every person of the company knows about the evolution of threats, security practices, and risks impose on business by not following the protocol.

Contact us, If you would like to set up a security practice for your users. We are delighted to assist you out.