Translator Business

Client Challenge:


A UK-based company provides its translation services to different industries for almost 10 years. The company wanted to revolutionize its telecom so they can connect with their clients and patients ASAP.

What Our Associate Did:

The business was unable to manage excessive cost management and control the calls. As they were using the traditional technology for phone calls which require lots of management and organization.

Not to forget that company wanted to improve the linguistic offering along with one-to-one and one too much personal interaction with their linguistic and clients.

Video-based solution

The associate with the help of a team showed them to prototype and gave a video-based solution which made their lives easier.

The client subscribed to the video-based solution. A video-based solution not only improves the customer experience but also saves management and organizing staff costs. Moreover, it keeps them one step ahead of the competition.

Where we created value:
  • By generously providing them the required documents and prototype within budget and time.