Top 5 best ERP Softwares

You must have read our previous article named ERP Software. Where we have provided all details on how can we help you in choosing the right ERP software for your business that not only meets your needs but also helps in achieving the goals?.

We have listed out a few best ERP software for you which is mentioned below.

  1. Oracle
  2. SAP
  3. IFS
  4. Microsoft
  5. Infor


Oracle is an ERP Service provider that deals with both small & large companies. Oracle is in the industry for over the past 3 decades and mainly provides business and software development services. Oracle allows flexibility and scalability up and down to companies to meet customer demands. It allows them to pay only for those resources which they use. Oracle provides a very secure and integrated environment to your cloud-based solutions, customer management, supply chain management. It’s Core product ERP has all features which include day to day operational management to your financial, planning,  data management, accounting, human resources, and procurement.


SAP is a company that provides affordable services worldwide. Users Love SAP, because it provides both traditional and cloud-based solutions. More than 500,000 users in 180 countries use their application to manage HR, finance, procurement, planning, data management, and daily operations management.

SAP has been serving in the industry since 1990 and it’s one of the best ERP solution providers.

Through different tools, the employee can do their work without stepping on each other toes.


IFS (Industrial and Financial Systems ) develops and delivers ERP software solutions within an industry-specific user-friendly platform. It has numerous modules for users to keep track of asset management, project management, supply chain management, customer management, etc.


Of course how we can forget Microsoft because it never stays out of competition. Microsoft Biztalk platform allows you to automate your business process while providing a single view into all corporate operations. The best part which keeps Microsoft sets apart from their competitor is that it easily integrates into other Microsoft apps such as office365 and Azure. Microsoft provides the same features as Oracle and SAP.


Last but not least, Infor is another cloud site ERP software that can integrate all your needs in one system.

It has a wide variety of features which include procurement, finance management, HR management, performance management modules, and much more.

It is designed to meet the specific needs of different industries. Through this customer-centric approach, it could help you in reducing operational costs.

Hope this article helps you out. If you need a CIO, CTO to find the best ERP software then get in touch with us now.