The Blood Heroes

Client Challenge:

A small charity The blood heroes, whose purpose was to save lives by donating blood to the needy ones especially to thalassemia children.Their grants were reduced massively. So, they were looking for new ways of revenue streams and new supported base.


The main goal was to not only become self-sufficient in funding but also improve the use of CRM that helps in increasing revenue from existing customers.

What our Associate did:


Our associate had reviewed the proposition of charity. Which represents the demographic of current supporters in the population of the UK. This demographic gave a clear idea about, target market, opportunity, sizing, and current market share.


After sizing the market, the associate had done the sizeable segmentation that showed different types of engagement with the charity.

CRM System

They had conducted the assesment of how CRM was used. They gave various new recommendations on how they can communicate with customers.

Proactive approach

To improve the performance, a predictive approach was developed. We have developed a few models with the team.

  • Lifetime value for extending the donor life cycle.
  • Revenue from existing donors.
  • Churn modeling for right communication with supporters who were likely to stop donating.
Where we created value:
  • CRM expert was recruited.
  • Volume and Revenue got increased by 45% over 1 year.
  • Marketing communication was improved by using the proactive approach rather than reactive.