Ride Hailing Company

Client Challenge:

A ride-hailing company wanted to change its business model completely from ” book a cab on call” to “book a cab via the app”.


The main objective was to change the business model and develop new software. This not only ensures top-level security but also increases the efficiency and level of trust by users.

What our Associate did:

Developed a ride-hailing software app:

After assessing and reviewing the whole needs of the ride-hailing company. Our associate had built an app, where customers book the app and drivers can easily get the rides without the hassle of understanding location and negotiating the price. The app had been through several iterations as it’s a key part of the business.

IT Audit

After this, an audit had been done for accessing and reviewing the whole IT company. So, we can analyze the effectiveness of Software.

The reviews and audits had been done on the yearly basis to generate the reports.


This app contains security and confidential information. Our associate had worked with the team to strengthen the security of data and prevention programs for malware.

Where we created value
  • By developing this software ride-hailing app.
  • It improved the efficiency and effectiveness of business.
  • Trust of level had been increased through this secure app.
  • The use of easiness had fulfilled the satisfaction level of drivers and users parties.