How IT Procurement Team Give You Solution With A Personal Touch

We have heard the negative views from the mouth of business owners, who said “In all of their business years no one has provided them the clear, latest picture of what to do about information technology”. They are frustrated with unplanned costs, untimely upgrades, and new employees.

Hire the Virtual Chief Information Officer for your company


When you hire an IT Solutions company. They provide you with a Virtual Chief Information Officer along with the procurement team. whose job is to bring positive change into your business.

IT Solution company provides an updated 5-year technology roadmap that gives clients a holistic view of infrastructure components and technology which helps them in keeping ahead of the competition. Few are the essential questions that roadmap answers and you will see how those answers will drive clients’ technology direction.

  • Which software is in needs to expanded or eliminated?
  • Which applications need to be upgraded?
  • Which hardware warranties are expired?
  • Which innovative steps should be taken to improve operational efficiencies?

These roadmaps will also help in controlling the cost by keeping you updated with the latest technology. It will let clients know about the cost associated with technology upgrades and when you will need funding for acquisitions. However, CIOs always see the financial position of business then propose recommendations for expenditure.

Solution With A Personal Touch

The procurement team is responsible to plan, deploy and operationalize effectively and efficiently. Their job is to plan, find and bring the best for everyone.

The client’s user who has requested a new Personal computer might have to do research first before selecting and purchasing it. So, the  IT solutions team does all the leg work for their clients. They do research and come up with better, reliable options according to the needs of clients. E.g A user who wants a comfortable chair with reasonable price might have to visit the market. The procurement team takes the wishlist from user and start searching in market. he return with different quotes and best recommendations. But hey, to find the right supplies is not as easy as it seems to be. It takes alot of time and efforts to find the right furniture according to the specifications.

Adapting Change

Before implementing any change in business, procurement team crafts and communicate it to employees and tell them about the benefits of technology.  Because getting them use to new technology and new versions. It’s necessary to make them aware about these new changes first.

If your business is facing the budget issues and still lacking the technology related information then contact Catalyst It Solution Now!. Our VCIO and Procurement team will help you in achieving your business goals successfully.