Dental Clinic

Client Challenge:

Dental business hype never goes down whatever the situation is. But Covid-19 has affected adversely to every industry.


The business wanted to revolutionize its business from the traditional way to the modern way. Therefore, we can easily connect the clients and patients online. In addition to supporting management overview and dynamic nature of cases.

What our Associate did

Due to the lockdown, the netizens were not allowed to go anyplace. In the same way, patients could not visit the clinic. The dental clinic business not only wanted to improve its services by shifting themselves to an adaptive approach.

The associate has provided the simple yet best solution to them. Which not only keeps them updated with technology and current trends. But also help them in increasing their no of patients as well.

Associated facilitated them by developing a website. Where visitors can have a basic idea about the Dental Clinic. What products and services does this clinic provides, opening hours for consultation, and booking an online appointment.

Yes, through this website clients/patients can easily consult with the dentist via zoom call (Zoom is already integrated into a customized website.). Because of this now clients can consult with the dentist or make a checkup appointment booking online. So patient needs to visit the clinic only if needed.

The associate subsequently went on with the help of the technical team and CTO to direct them about this website and how does it work.

Where we created value:

We had two deliverables in this project.

  • The full specification document and Prototype (website).
  • We had also directed them about how they can manage their client in this lockdown.
  • We had seen fruitful results in the year 2020. As it didn’t take much time to train people how they can book an appointment online with the dentist.