Client Challenge:

Our client business was operated in UK and India. They were dependent on an insecure system process that was preventing their enterprise from further expansion.

What our associate suggested:

By drawing an IT roadmap overview, We started with what our client company desired to achieve. We have redesigned the few things mentioned below.

  • The portfolio
  • Tools for managing the risk.
  • Automation system
  • Recovery planning in case of disaster.
  • Business continuity tools.

There were many off-shelf packages available. But none of them had provided the functions which the company required. Thus, with the help of our associates, we had developed the customized software. Now the company can manage the risk and has direct control over functions and features.

With the help of this automated custom software, each transaction process of the back office is automated. Due to this forex balancing, funding payments, trade reconciliation, and hedging that helps in increasing efficiencies and staff’s headcount low.

Having many offices across UK and India and keeping the data in sync were complex tasks. So, after alot of research our associates have connected the fastest internet to each office through vpn appliances.

Where we created value :

  1. By developing the system that helped the company grow from $200m under management to $2 bn.
  2. The efficiency has also been improved. Because total head never been exceeded from 20 members. Due to this ease of use system, staff can easily shift their roles in the absence of one employee.
  3. With each office network connectivity, it gives their business continuity along with synchronization.