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Client Challenge:

A manufacturing company wants to transform its business model from B2B to B2C. In other words, the company wants to transform its business and become a retailer.


Their main aim was to bring a business change. They want to own a whole value chain and be a manufacturer, retailer, and a distributor as well.

What our associate had done:

Establish tech stake for the new B2C model

After reviewing the existing infrastructure, people, process, data. The associate had conducted the audit. So, he can recommend the right data and technology to lay the right foundation for the B2C model.


For the new operation business model, our associates have worked with CIO. They provided detailed tech stack recommendations, data management, investment case, new data governance, processes, and the flow of data to different sub-systems.

Hired the right people with the right skill for the relevant job

Our associate has clearly defined the skill area for this business. The skills were divided into a few categories along with job specifications. The role was mentioned in the documents. Therefore, the right people with the right skills were recruited and retrained for the relevant job.

Promote the culture of self-serve and automation

The key objective was to promote the culture of self-serve and automation. To ensure that data and insights reached every part of the organization. Our associate has worked with their partner and external vendors to make them learn about the best practices. Not only that associates also worked with leaders and HR to change management communication and introduce training plans.

Where we created Value
  • The company has faced a tremendous change in its new B2C business model.
  • Due to automation, operational performance has been improved.
  • The revenue got increased due to the dynamic pricing model.
  • New data and insight team with the right skills had been recruited.