B2B General Food Supplies Compay

Client Challenge

A b2b food delivering company that delivers the general supplies to coffee, pubs, and restaurants facing several issues in their business. It includes accounting, risk management, acquisition, project management, supply chain operations.


This business needs to move from the manual to an ERPS software solution. Which will integrate into the key application that automates their business functions like productions, accounting, etc.

Modernization of the system will help in improving processes, bring scaling, reporting business to KPIs, and increase efficiency into the IT Department.

What our Associate suggested:

ERP System

After understanding the client’s business, their workflows, and current processes. Our associate directed them about technology where to use it and remove the manual interventions, wherever possible. Next, we have done work with vendors to only choose the suitable partners and after going through a process shortlisted them. This is how we can remove the unnecessary staff as well. After selecting the right vendor. We have implemented the new ERP system software that would automatically bring a smooth, progressive development and transition of systems. This automation allowed businesses to receive email orders via the internet and without user intervention.

Restructure of Management

The associate not only intact the existing IT team but also improve the management structure and different department efficiency. Which immediately impacts the business positively.

Where we created value

After implementing the ERP system software and restructuring the management. We have seen a few positive impacts which are mentioned below:

  • Increased Efficiency.
  • Reduced staff cost.
  • Increased revenue.