3 Strategies To Build A Successful Hybrid Workplace

Covid-19 is playing hard with our lives. Now omicron is spreading worldwide and the situation can be out of control at any time. This virus has impacted many businesses with many being forced to close their doors or come up with a new way to run their business safely.

Covid-19 has dramatically accelerated the shift, business started functions as hybrid workplaces. Do you know what’s hybrid workplaces are?

Hybrid workplaces are organizational setups where remote and on-site teams function as cohesive units. Hybrid workplaces might create doubts sometimes in the mind of employees who work remotely. They might feel unvalued and checking their productivity levels is sometimes becomes tough.

So, to help businesses function effectively in this COVID, we have come up with 3 strategies for building a successful hybrid workplace.


Management of Digital overload to reduce fatigue

When it comes to working from home (remotely), the mindset of being “always-on” drives fatigue level and decrease productivity.

Often companies assumed that working from home is easy and increases the productivity level so, they implement different strategies for the employee but in fact, they have the opposite killing effects.

Remote work might cause stress that needs to be addressed. These 2 are mentioned below:

Digital Distractions

Digital distractions play a huge role to keep their focus maintained. From zoom meetings to slack messages, emails and other social media successfully distracts us from our work. According to research, it takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds to refocus on specific work.

Virtual Overload

Sometimes meetings or catch-ups create water-cooler moments that might drain employees.

In a hybrid environment, employees struggle a lot as compared to on-site employees. So, the company must adopt new ways to provide job satisfaction to remote employees.

The team should focus on collaboration

HR is more concerned about employee collaboration now. Collaboration is important for innovation that’s how productivity and job satisfaction levels can increase. Leaders must think about not only remote or on-site but how employees (working together or alone) can work.

Few people are more likely to work alone rather than in teams. They preferred to brainstorm their ideas into their desired workspace. But according to garner’s research, teams who collaborate intentionally are three times more likely to achieve high teams innovation than the team who don’t use this approach.

Water-cooler conversations matter!

Do you remember those days of your on-site office? when you take a little 5 mins water break for spontaneous interaction and it made your whole day happier. Yes, according to a study by Chargify over 70% of employees felt happier and become more productive after watercooler chats. Therefore, companies must have to focus on new hybrid models where they aim to maintain the right balance of connection and interactions between remote and on-site office work.


In the era of COVID, Technology is the only solution to facilitate new ways of working.

  • Optimize workspace
  • Increase task automation
  • Improve internal communication
  • Adoption of Agile Approach and AI-powered technologies.

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