3 steps to ensure your business is cyber-secure

These days people are more reliant on technology.  but each reliance comes at a cost. The more you rely on the internet or technology, the more cyber-attacks you will get.

In Uk small businesses get approximately 65,000 threats of attempted cyberattacks per day.

So, It is necessary to take security measures on time and keep your business updated and protected from these attacks with our latest tools.

We are here to discuss three steps that ensure that your business is fully secured and protected from cyber-attacks through implementing technology and regular IT audits.

Outcome-based security

Sometimes to protect our business we take those steps which are not essential like ticking off the cyber-security checklist such as installing anti-virus software, firewalls, etc.

To successfully achieve the cyber-security strategy you have to identify the desired security outcomes so your business system can implement them easily.

A few of the potential outcomes systems are described below:

Cyber threats happen due to poor quality systems. When there is a lack of governance or regulation, cyber security attacks impact the business on large scale. So risk assessment is necessary to protect your business against security breaches.

System Protection

After you identify the risk, now you can protect the systems.  Keep anti-malware in check, if you want maximum cyber-security for end-points.

For better performance, keep the backup of your files on the computer so you can easily restore them when required. Protect your systems against anti-malware by implementing the firewalls at entry points. You can restrict their access to external networks and the internet.

Detecting The Attack

The main key to accurately detecting the attack in progress is to invest in tools that provide endpoint protection. That tool instantly detects unusual activity in the network and provides real-time alerts. Through this, you will be able to easily block malware that might cause damage to your business.

Technology with technology

45% of cyber attacks target small businesses and the reason behind this is in effect or out-of-date security.  Viruses and hacking techniques are becoming more common these days so, cyber security technology needs to stay one step ahead.  Normally, cyber-security measures were reactive in nature and they manually identified the cyber-attacks and block them.

However, AI technology provides more protection as the latest machines algorithm predicts future cyber-attacks based on past known attacks. Hence, with the help of predictive analysis and risk assesment which become a combined powerful force.

This AI cyber security solution able to recognize and block new attacks without human input. This AI cyber security is a powerful solution to your cyber-attacks problems.

Don’t Forget the IT Audit

Doing the regular IT audit prevents you from cyber-attacks and helps IT leaders knowing that where to focus to improve the cyber security strategy.

Audits are quite important because they provide evidence for compliance with security regulations such as PCI DSS or FISMA etc.

Is your business cyber secure?

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