Thanks to this technology which has made our lives easier and convenient. We can do work from anywhere and anytime. One thing is common between all of us. We can’t survive happily without our devices i.e. Mobile phones, Tablets, and Laptops, etc.

Yes, but the question is. Could these devices actually benefit your business? The answer depends on BYOD policy.

Wondering? What’s BYOD? It means bring your own device.

Any business that has the BYOD policy. It means employees can bring their own devices. And by connecting their devices to the Business internet, they are also able to use business applications and programs on their own devices. However, if there are benefits of BYOD then there are also disadvantages.

Let’s get to know the pros and cons of BYOD.


Increase engagement

No one likes to come out of their comfort zone. Everyone prefers to use their own devices rather than getting familiar with new devices. Because new devices require time to get used to them. Likewise, the BYOD concept makes their employees happy. Their level of engagement get increases, and they become more productive.

Save Money.

This is obvious that you still need to set up security and your employees might need technical assistance from time to time. But you can’t deny with this BYOD saves a lot of your money and equipment plus digital cost.


A BYOD policy doesn’t abolish the need for an IT team completely. But it makes the IT team less stressed and more focused on other departmental areas.



Latest Technology

Not all businesses embrace the latest technology. Even most of them are not even aware of it. Because of the BYOD policy now you would be able to get the benefit of the latest technology that your employees might already have in their devices.


Data Security

What if we lose our devices outside of our workplace? It means now our company data is in someone else hands which is a huge risk for business.

So, the business IT Team has to ensure that their employees are following the security measures on their devices.

Distraction Risk

Employees can easily get distracted by their own devices. They might use other apps rather than focusing on their work.

Management issue

Don’t think that BYOD is as simple. Employees just have to come with their own devices, and they are good to go. No, BYOD policy needs time and money to set up and then manage it. Not every business may be able to manage it properly.

IS BYOD worth it?

Well BYOD comes with exciting benefits which are likely to make the employee more engaged, motivated, and productive toward their work.

It also helps businesses in saving their money and time from many areas.

Whereas BYOD also comes with disadvantages that might keep your business data at risk. Those security risks could be managed by giving proper attention and following security measures by each member of the company.

If you are the business owner and want to introduce BYOD. But have no idea how to introduce and implement it properly without taking any risk.

Do contact our experienced associates who will happily share their experience with you.


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