About Catalyst IT Solution

We do, what we love & we bet on the success of each IT Solution project we undertake.

Based on the 20 years of proven IT Solution experience, We provide on-demand CTOs and CIOs who are psychometrically tested.

Worried about Salary and high prices? Our talented team will properly take care of everything. Be it your IT projects, RFP Support, NOC Support, Internal Recruitment, IT Audit, C-Level, or Outsourced IT leader.

Global IT Leader For High-Growth enterprises

Catalyst It Solution was started as a one-man company, by the founder Faisal Zahid himself. We have been working since 2000. Currently, We have grown tremendously to 100+ professionals working in different software wings of the UK, India, and other countries.

Why Choose Catalyst IT Solution?

To keep up-to-date with the latest technology trends, our teams get trained by a dedicated department that encourages the team to familiarize themselves with current technologies and frameworks.

Overall Cost

Due to the on-demand nature of our work, outsourcing your IT Leadership is significantly cheaper than hiring a full time C-level IT Leader.

Complete Flexibility

Our IT Leaders can start straight away with no 3 or 6 month notice periods or gardening leave to accommodate for. Similarly, we work on rolling contracts  and can be utilised strategically.

No Risk

We are happy to over a free consultation for you to understand our services before committing and with no fixed contract period, our Associates must meet your needs in order for work to continue.


Multiple Skillsets

It is also possible for your business to benefit from several of our Associate skill sets at the same time. For example, by working with multiple Associates, you could employ the skillsets of both a CIO and CTO, at a lower cost than hiring just one of these roles on a full time basis.


Sum of Parts

With a network of over 60 C-level IT professionals, you don’t just benefit from the Associate(s) working with your business. Our Associates can utilise a full support network behind them where we collectively have over 600 years of senior IT leadership experience.


What Our Associates Say

Be it training programs, internal continuous improvement systems, or innovative techniques, Faisal was a tremendous asset to our team. During our 3 years of working together, I came to rely on his expertise, vision, dedication to drive financial, and cultural improvements in our business.
Jasmine Elizabeth
Our company was looking for a CDO as we were facing challenges regarding revenue, marketing ROI. Now we are happy that after hiring the CDO from Catalyst IT Solution we have finally overcome those challenges. Our business is growing day by day now. I wish we could have contacted them earlier.
Project Manager
In last year we have seen a huge change in our company. As we change the practices around resource management through the help of Calatyst IT Solution's associates we have seen a rise in profitability

Yasir Alam
Due to this pandemic, We had not only shrunk off the staff but also were facing hell lots of issues. We were unable to deliver our client’s projects timely. So we consulted with Catalyst IT Solutions who helped us in not only organizing but also guiding us on how we can perform effectively and efficiently.
Waqas Ahmad
Operations Manager
The main reason to engage Catalyst IT Solution is their expertise and knowledge in designing the strategies that work best for our company

Cristi Stone
HR Manager
Catalyst IT Solution associates are truly experts. They have created a win-win situation for us. We are glad for their ideal relationship which has opened multiple ways to manage our team and clients.

Assistant AMnager
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